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Worst Day Ever

Posted on: March 3, 2010

This happened to me a few weeks ago.  Before I get into why the day was so awful, I will first provide some background information.  My boyfriend had been back and forth between here and China on business for a few months.  We communicated mainly through skype and email while he was gone.  I got in the routine of sending him an email before I went to bed at night (which was usually about noon or so in China figuring I went to bed around 10pm). Usually, there would be an email back from him when I woke up.  I got very accustomed to having an email to wake up to from China and soon I started to be disappointed when I didn’t get one.  In essence, setting myself up to have a bad day.  On this particular Friday, I did not receive an email from my boyfriend in China. I remember checking compulsively before and after I got in the shower, during breakfast, and so on.  So finally I accepted the fact that I didn’t get an email.  Then, I started to make coffee.  I have an espresso maker.  I made the espresso then set it aside on the counter.  I was having a hard time getting the steamer to work, so I decided to microwave some milk.  I went to put the espresso maker away and knocked the espresso all over the counter.  It spilled onto the oven and dripped down the side.  I cleaned it up and salvaged what was left.  I then went to get the milk out of the microwave.  I popped the door open to see that it had exploded in the microwave.  I cleaned it up and decided to give up on coffee.  Then I left for work.  When I got on the el (this was before the awesome service cuts), there was a man singing along to unnecessarily loud offensive music. At first, I ignored it, like any other city person does.  When he started to sing things that are considered derogatory to women as well as every curse word you can think of, I started to take offense.  No one else seemed to notice the words that were coming out of his mouth when I am certain the entire train could hear him.  Disgusted, I got off the train at my stop.  I went to work, which was fine.  Just your average day as an unpaid intern.  Right outside the door on my way out, I got hit up for cash by a man named Allen.  I knew I had $6 in my wallet.  I gave him the single.  I needed the $5 for the train home.  He proceeded to talk to me, following me down the street.  He asked for another dollar.  When I said I didn’t have one, he asked for 5.  He then gave me a hug and let me on my way.  When I got to Ogilvie, I decided to purchase cookies from Mrs. Fields.  I thought it would help cheer me up and be a surprise for my parents when I got home.   Just before I made it to the Mrs. Fields stand, another homeless person approached me.  This one tried to get me to buy a demo CD from a concert.  I told him I didn’t have any cash on me, paid for my cookies on my debit card, and continued on my way to the train.  I thought I would finally have some peace and quiet on the train back to Palatine.  Was I wrong!  A girl sat in front of me, pulled out some carrots, and chomped away chewing with her mouth open for about 20 minutes.  Someone else was about to go deaf because of the noise their iPod was creating.  I pulled out my cookie and started to enjoy it.  THEN I dropped the middle on the floor!!  Only the best part!  “What a perfect ending to a bad day!” I thought.  When said sad train ride came to an end in Palatine, I had to go to work. Again.


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