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Rock ‘n Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon!!!

Posted on: August 7, 2010

The half marathon was on Sunday!!! Today is Friday. I’ve been kinda busy and a little lazy about updating my blog.  But here it is:

Kiersten and I were up around 4:30 am.  Luckily, I packed all my stuff for the race the night before, which I NEVER do. All I had to do in the morning was brush my teeth and get dressed.  I picked Kiersten up around 5 and we were in Grant Park a little after 5:30.  We were reallllllly early, but we beat the lines for Gear Check and the bathrooms.  We took a few pictures, stretched, and headed to our corral.  We waited for awhile and listened to the interviews with the famous people running the race.  Jake the Bachelor ran it!! He was in corral 14.  I actually saw him after the race as he was giving more interviews.  Jason and Molly ran it as well (previous bachelor and his #2 pick on the show who he recently married).  Giuliana Rancic and Al Roker ran it too. We waited for about 15 minutes as the other people began the race before we decided to take a quick potty break.  We made it back with plenty of time and saw many other people who had the same idea.  I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said, “This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago.” I totally agreed with her!  We finally started the race around 7:14am.  They were letting one corral go at a time, but when they got to 25, they let the remaining 5 corrals go together. We were in corral 26 and were surrounded by people!

We took off going around people and had a pretty quick pace.  I was feeling awesome! I felt like I could keep it up the whole 13 miles.  I ran most of the race with my friend and training partner, Kiersten.  We ran through the streets of Chicago for the first 5 or so miles.  We started at Grant Park.  We passed Buca di Beppo and other restaurants off the Grand Redline stop.  It was cool to see the places we’ve been on the path for the race.  We ran down and around State Street and by DePaul’s downtown campus.  We grabbed water a few times and decided to walk when we drank so we wouldn’t choke.  After weaving through the city, we ran by Soldier Field and McCormick Place East, where the Expo was held the day before.  Then we took a turn and headed down a lakefront path.  I started hurting and getting tired around mile 6.  It started getting really tough at 8.  Without Kiersten, I probably would have walked at mile 8.  She encouraged me to keep going and so we continued weaving around people the best we could.  Kiersten was having problems with her knees earlier in the week and I was glad she was able to run it!  Knowing that her knees were hurting but she was able to push through it also helped encourage me to keep going.  There were bands every couple of miles and when I started getting tired, I wished they were closer together to take my mind off trying to keep my feet moving.  I kept waiting to see the 10 mile mark because I knew from looking at the course map that somewhere around there we turned around closer to the lake and ran a similar path back up to the finish line.  I had really bad cramps just before mile 11.  I told Kiersten I needed to walk to catch my breath.  She thought that if she walked her knees would not be able to keep running.  I told her to go running.  I walked probably about a quarter of a mile until I saw the mile 11 sign.  I pushed myself to keep going knowing that I had run 2 miles in training many times.  It felt so different after running 11 before it, though! I just kept thinking 2 more miles, 2 more miles and willed my feet to keep moving.  I got water and kept pushing through it.  I saw mile 12 and the people standing on the sidelines saying things like, “Good job, you’re almost there! Keep going!” helped me not stop and walk.  I recognized we were near the Shedd Aquarium and had no idea how much longer it was going to be, but I knew it couldn’t have been too much longer.  I was just about out of breath again when I saw my boyfriend and rounded the corner and down the hill to the finish line!  I saw a lot of people raising their arms feeling victorious.  I was too tired! I looked up at the clock and thought, “Thank goodness! It’s over!” I looked over my shoulder and saw Jeremy again.  I got my medal and exited the finisher’s circle to find him, but I couldn’t.  I ended up missing the popsicles, bananas, and finisher’s photos. : (

My parents were getting text messages about where I was along the path, but they ended up being wrong.  I wore a tracking device on my shoe.  They weren’t at the finish line because they thought I was done already!  My tracking device thought I finished in an hour and 41 minutes! I don’t know for sure, but my actual time is somewhere around 2:12.  Kiersten finished in 2:05 or so.  There aren’t many pictures of me either because my tracker was wrong.  I sent them an email requesting an adjustment.  I looked around for a while, but still couldn’t find Jeremy so I went to get my stuff from Gear Check.  I called him and found him on Balbo and Columbus.  I called my dad next.  He was with Kiersten and her family near the merchandise tent.  Kiersten and I took some more pictures together and got matching coats.  They are so cool! They’re black and say Brooks (the shoe sponsor) on one side and Chicago on the other in blue and Rock ‘n Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon 8/01/10 on the back.  I should have stayed in the finisher’s circle longer.  I wish I would have gotten picture taken and I probably would have seen Kiersten in there.  I wish my parents would have been at the finish line.  It would have been cool to give them a hug at the end.  Our families went to Panera after the race.  I took a nap and a shower after getting home then went to Annette’s for ice cream with Jeremy!

I was so sore for the next 3 days! It hurt to squat.  My quads were killing me!  I haven’t run since the race.  I think I will tomorrow morning.  When I crossed the finish line, I didn’t want to run another race, but after thinking about missing the finishing fun stuff and pictures and how my time is still wrong, I might do it again.  It turns out a lot of people I know from high school and college ran it!  Here’s a picture  of me and Kiersten with our medals and race numbers:


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