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I’m in New York!!!!

Posted on: September 16, 2010

First things first, back in Chicago I fell off my skateboard last week!  I was going to the gym and skating in my gym shoes, which I’ve never done before.  I was waiting for a car to go around me and was going sooooo slow. I hit a branch and ate it!  Feet in the air and everything.  I got up and had to chase my board down the street the other way! It was sooo embarrassing! I carried it home, put it away, and walked to the gym. I ended up scraping my knee up through my pants! My pants didn’t rip or anything, but somehow my knee still bled. It bruised pretty good too.

Now on to NYC! I got here today with my  mom.  It was kind of a rough trip.  Everything was fine at O’Hare.  We got to where we needed to be with plenty of time to eat lunch and hang out for a while and got on the plane with no trouble.  As soon as the pilot said “landing,” I started to have a hard time.  I told myself to stay calm and that this wasn’t going to kill me, I’d be find and I should try to go back to sleep.  The fight was a little more turbulent than some others I’ve been on.  I even did breathing exercises I learned recently in my health pysch class. ANYWAY, I tossed my cookies.  Actually, the sandwich I ate before boarding.  It was not a pretty sight! I felt horrible and couldn’t wait to shower!

After we cleaned up, we hurried over to the Imperial Theater and caught Billy Elliot!  We were in the 7th row.  The show was amazing!!! The person who played Billy was so talented! It was fun.  My mom enjoyed it too!  The choreography was very impressive!  When we exited the theater, we came out a different door than we went in and wound up in Times Square!

We walked around a little and grabbed some hot dogs.  After we finished, we were watching the screen above Forever 21 waving at ourselves like all the other tourists, when I heard someone scream, “That’s Lady Gaga!” over and over again.  Sure enough, I looked up and saw her!!!!! She was wearing a black leotard with white leggings and sunglasses!  She had long blonde hair and blunt bangs.  It was definitely her.  There was one other person with her carrying an umbrella.  She walked right by my mom and I like you would pass any stranger on the street.  We were out in front of the Sunglasses Hut kind of in the middle of the sidewalk and she just side stepped right around us close to the front of the store.  It was so cool! I didn’t get a picture though 😦  Tomorrow we plan to head to the Statue of Liberty! Hopefully the rain lets up!

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