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Central Park, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square

Posted on: September 17, 2010

This morning my mom and I had breakfast in the hotel around 9:30am.  Then we walked to Central Park.  We had some time to hang around since we were going on a cruise around the Statue of Liberty at 1:30pm.  We were going to walk around by ourselves for a while, but it was a good thing we didn’t!  We got in a pedicab and went for an hour ride.

Our “driver” pointed out famous spots where movies were filmed and gave us some history.  We stopped for pictures at the fountain with the angel who protects New York City’s water.  We also stopped to take pictures at the fountain where the cast of Friends are standing and splashing around in at the beginning of the show.  That was cool!  We also saw Jackie Onassis’ 13 bedroom apartment that over looks the park.  We passed the only full service restaurant, the Boat House.  He said you can rent gondolas and paddle boats there.  We saw the bridge where the snowball fight in Elf takes place and many other movie moments.  After that, I had the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced at a Starbucks and we hopped in a cab to Pier 83.

We were very early for the Statue of Liberty tour so my mom had a sandwich and I got a soft pretzel.  I didn’t want to eat too much in case I got sick.  My mom fed the pigeons a little and then we were on our way.  We took a picture before getting on the boat, but didn’t buy it.  The boat tour was very informative.  We learned a little about the buildings and saw the Empire State Building.  The guide also pointed out Hoboken, NJ, which made me laugh because we were just talking about Cake Boss and how my cousins want to go there.  We passed Ellis Island and many other historic places.  Finally, the Statue of Liberty came into view!! It was very pretty, but smaller than I expected it to be.  I took a lot of pictures.  My mom really loved it.  She said this was the big reason she wanted to come on this trip.  I asked someone else to take a picture of the two of us with the statue in the background.  It came out nice.  We circled around the statue and headed back to the dock.

After that, we came back to the hotel and took a nap! I was out cold for about an hour.  Then, we headed back out on the town! We walked down 8th until we reached Times Square.  I took some pictures and we had some trouble deciding where to go for dinner.  We ended up at Bubba Gump’s.  From the window, I noticed a commotion.  I saw someone in a cowboy hat wearing underwear and cowboy boots with a guitar waving and taking pictures with fans.  I have been informed that this guy is called Naked Cowboy.  He was there for about 10-15 minutes right out front of where Good Morning America is taped.  The Fire Department was out there too, probably for crowd control.  My food was good, but spicy and I got a fancy drink and got to keep the glass.  Outside Bubba Gump’s, we bought keychain souvenirs and kept going.  I wanted to go to Shake Shack for ice cream, but my mom didn’t.  She said we can go tomorrow.  I wonder if we will.

Next, we went for Forever 21 because I wanted to get leggings to wear with a dress tomorrow since I forgot my black ones at home!  The weather is nice here, a little warmer than Chicago.  Light coat weather at night, but it was beautiful in Central Park today.  After that quick little stop, we went to M&M world!  It was so fun! I really liked pouring all sorts and colors of M&Ms into a bag to take home.  We bought some gifts for people back home and then headed back to the hotel.

We’re getting ready to go to sleep now.  It’s been a long day and we saw a lot of New York.  I vowed to not go to Starbucks for the rest of this trip, and frequent independent coffee stores or bakery shops instead.  I want to do this in Chicago too.  Tomorrow we plan to go see the where the Twin Towers were.


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