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Ground Zero and Phantom of the Opera

Posted on: September 18, 2010

Today my mom and I headed down to breakfast in the lobby of the hotel around 9:30 am.  We hopped right in a cab and went down town to see where the World Trade Centers used to be.  There was a lot of traffic due to construction in the area so we got out and started to walk.  We were on Liberty Street and we could see the Empire State Building.  We went into a 9/11 Memorial Museum.  It was full of items they recovered from the ruins including elevator plaques, a window from one of the airplanes that hit the towers, shards of glass, people’s ids and wallets, and some silverware from the restaurant.  Posters of missing people were plastered all over one wall.  One thing that struck me the most was the story of a photojournalist.  He was on the street taking pictures after the first tower collapsed.  He was crushed when the second tower fell.  His wife developed the film left in his camera and his last photo was of the Marriot across the street split in two and covered in rubble and dust.  It was amazing and so sad.  There were quotes from survivors and their families about last phone calls they received and how the planes looked and sounded as they hit the buildings.  It was very emotional.  There was an FDNY jacket they recovered.  The person wearing it had died, but the coat was in good condition.  There was a long tear down the back as if something had fallen and snagged the coat all the way down.

A piece of steel from one of the towers was in the museum too.  There was also a wall of the names of people who lost their lives that day.  The video with scrolling names was 4 and a half hours long! My mom and I found Mari-Rae Sopper’s name.  She did gymnastics and graduated from my high school.  She also went to the gym I went to for many years.  After the attacks, my gym renamed our spring show to the Mari-Rae Sopper Show.

After spending time in the museum, we set off to find the Winter Garden.  Yesterday on the boat tour we heard that was the best place to see Ground Zero from.  It really was! There was a staircase leading up to a place you could see out and over the fences.  There were two gaping holes amongst the construction.  Two new buildings are being built close to where the towers were, but the holes will remain.  It is amazing that it was nine years ago already.  I took many photos.  I can’t even imagine what that day was like for people who witnessed it.  After I got my mom up there so she could have a look at Ground Zero, we did some shopping and went to a bagel place for lunch.

After a brief nap at the hotel, we went to go get Phantom of the Opera tickets for tonight.  After that, we walked around some more and did some shopping.  There was a festival of some sort going on and stands were set up in the streets.  We had a little bit of an adventure because we bought an I ❤ NY T-shirt for my sister for $10 and then found them for $3.  I got some as souvenirs for friends at home and ended up getting my sister one too and exchanging that shirt for a bottle opener for my grandparents.  I also bought a purse which was the only thing I really wanted to purchase here.  It is big and grey. I had another adventure trying to return a sweatshirt to a street vendor too.  I went to 4 stands but eventually got it taken care of. My mom bought a t-shirt for herself and one for my dad and I picked up a few things for Jeremy.

We had dinner at a restaurant across the street.  I had Rigatoni with sausage.  It was very good!  Then it was off to Phantom of the Opera.  We were very early and the first ones seated.  The 3 leads in the opera had amazing voices.  The female lead, Christine, was also Glinda in Wicked in Chicago!  I kept thinking of my friend Christine throughout the opera.  The singing was excellent and there were cool special effects.  At one point, we could feel the heat of fire on stage.  We were in the 5th row.  I liked the way the Phantom showed up in places you would not expect him to.  However, the show wasn’t exactly what my mom and I were expecting.  It was interesting to say the least.  We ended the night by getting ice cream and doing some packing! We head home tomorrow.  It’s been a very fun but exhausting trip.  And now it’s just before one in the morning. I need some sleep!


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