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Kiersten’s Birthday Weekend

Posted on: September 28, 2010

Well, loyal blog readers (all 2 of you), college has been kicking my butt.  I haven’t been to the gym since the first week of school and we are now in week 4.  I have bags under my eyes the size of Australia.  I’ve seen midnight way more in the last few days than ever before in my life and I still have life long ‘to do’ lists.  Including all the homework ever created in the world, making a good impression at my internship, keeping my cool at work, going grocery shopping, doing dishes, and cleaning my room.  I did laundry the other day for the first time in about a month. I haven’t made my bed in like 3 days. Very unlike me.  Anyway, now that you know I’m a mess, let me get into my weekend.

Today is Kiersten’s 21st birthday!!!! We started off the celebration with a party on Friday night. I went over to her apartment right after work and we had pizza and selected music for a playlist and all the pre party stuff.  We discovered adult juiceboxes: sangria in a box! It was fantastic.  Lauren got them on clearance at Target. We hung around for a while until everyone started to arrive.  We played Circle of Death and made up the rules as we went along.  There was a beer pong table set up, too.  Before too many people got there, we had cake! It was from Sweet Mandy B’s and was soooo good! It was very cute. Kiersten’s roommates got it for her.  The party was fun.  I stayed until about 2am. It was nice to see some of her friends from home and friends from soccer again.  Kiersten said she was up til 4!

On Saturday, I worked a festival with my internship, Windy City Paws, for Magellean Development residents.  We had a table and Katie and I made 50 ziplock bags of dog treats with business cards in them to take with.  The summer intern, Kelly, came too. Katie bought us all coffee when we got there which was very nice of her.  The area was beautiful! A lot of dogs were there.  We ran out of treats in the first hour! Kelly and I ran to CVS and got some more.  Hopefully we will get some phone calls!  Many people seemed interested. There were a lot of catering companies there so we got to walk around and eat interesting food and cookies.  A few other dog related things were there, but no direct competition.  Towards the end of the festival, Kelly and I walked around the area and gave business cards to doormen and then we headed back to Lincoln Park.  I’d say it was very successful!

That night, Kiersten and I went to dinner at John’s Place.  We both got the veggie bowl and we shared sweet potato fries! Yum! We got creeped out by the bus boys and had a little incident involving toilet paper, but dinner was good. Then we headed to her “surprise.” Funny coincidence, actually.  The night before at the party, Kiersten’s friend Abdulla asked me what I was up to this weekend.  I told him about my plans for the next day with Kiersten and that it was a surprise and I hadn’t told her what we were doing. We would be going to see the Blue Man Group at 10pm.  I knew he also had a surprise planned for her on Saturday because she told me she would be back from that surprise around 8:30pm and then we could get ice cream and get ready to go to my surprise.  Good thing he asked! He told me he was taking her to see Blue Man Group. My jaw dropped. I was crushed and a little defensive! I bought the tickets on the 6th of September and was so excited to be doing something special for my friend.  He immediately said he would get his money back and find something else to do with her which was very gracious and I appreciated very much.  So after dinner, I got to take Kiersten to see Briar Street Theater for the show.  We had a slight tummy issue on the way there, but made it with about 10 minutes to spare.  We were in the 2nd row! I wanted to be in the splash section.  Kiersten got hit with the twinkie stuff that comes out of their chests.  It smelled so bad! That was all that came near us though, until the toilet paper at the end. I remembered some of the things from when I saw the show in 8th grade, like when one throws marshmallows to another who catches them in his mouth.  It was fun! Kiersten had never seen it before.  We both enjoyed it.

On Sunday, I got up so early AGAIN to go to the Run for the Lives event benefitting PAWS.  My sister and I did it together.  I got to her house at 7:19am.  We got to the event around 7:45 thinking we would need time to pick up our packets and get everything taken care of.  It took us about 3 seconds.  We had an hour to kill before the walk so we gathered some freebies.  I got 2 reusable bags to bring to the grocery store and a few dog bones and other dog goodies for Dino and DJ.  We also grabbed some food!  We split a bagel and grabbed water and a banana.  They also had coffee cake, coffee, gatorade, oranges, and pizza after the event! My sister wanted to ditch the walk after we got our tshirts because we were tired and cold, but I wanted to stay.  I enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of dogs that came.  There were so many!  The walk was fairly quick, about 2.5 miles and we left right after we grabbed a donut each. I got to my apartment around 11 and had to turn around and go to work.  It was slow so I got to leave early.  I headed straight for my bed to take a nap! I did some homework when I got up and a few loads of laundry.  Around 10:30pm, I took another nap! I would have gone to bed, but I promised Kiersten I’d go out at midnight for her first legal drink and to say goodbye before she leaves for Spain. I’ve NEVER done that before.  I didn’t even go out at midnight on my own 21st birthday. I got up at 11:30, hating life.  I changed and tried to make myself look presentable and left for McGee’s.  I ran into Brady at Sheffield and Dickens so we walked there together.  The bar tender made Kiersten some form of Hawaiian punch that tasted so good! Anya got one too.  I had a pineapple and Malibu.  Brady had a beer.  We bought Kiersten a few more drinks (I will not specify what or how many in case her mom reads this) and we left around 2am.  (SO late for me!) It was hard to say goodbye! We both got a little teary and kept going back for one more hug.  It will be so weird when she’s gone! I text her about everything all the time! She leaves tomorrow! I know she will have a blast though.  And I’m going to see her with her family in November!

It is off to bed for me.  11:59pm. I miss my 10:30 bed time. I guess this is what it feels like to be a college student. Sleep deprived!


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