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Rest of Red Bull Rampage

Posted on: October 7, 2010

The rest of the weekend was.. interesting. On Saturday we hung out at the site a little more. Jeremy worked a little and I did some homework.  We went to the Flying Monkey for lunch.  He had pizza and I had mac and cheese and waffle fries! After that, we headed to the hotel to take a nap.  I got up first and was in the lobby working on Windy City Paws stuff.  Jeremy got up around 5:30 and we left to go see what we could of Zion National Park. It looked like it was going to start storming.   The park was beautiful and I wished we would have had more time to explore.  We drove around for a while and circled around the lake. Jeremy pulled the car over and we hopped out to go “swimming.”  I was already shivering from the wind.  We started taking our shoes off when it started raining! I was ready to say “oh well,” but of course he wasn’t! He stood on the rocks with his feet in the water for a while telling me how cold the water was! He actually counted to 3 before he got it. It was lightning by the time I was ready to get in the water.  Again, I was about to head back up to the car. He asked me when I’m ever going to get the chance to do this again. That was convincing enough. I got on the same rocks and then my foot hit some moss and I slipped in! Jeremy laughed. I called him a baby because the water really wasn’t that cold. We hopped back in the car and blasted the heat! We drove around a little more then headed back to the Rampage site to make sure nothing fell over.

Sunday was the finals. It was even crazier! Again, we didn’t eat breakfast and I was starving! I think Jeremy was too excited to notice he was hungry.  The guys were pulling out all their best tricks. It was so intense! Cameron Zink tried a 360 off the Oakley feature Jeremy and the guys built and didn’t quite make it. He got a concussion! Another rider got hurt doing a back flip. I saw him with his arm in a sling after the contest was over.  A few people jumped the canyon jump. It looked like a rough landing most of the time. It was such a cool thing to watch! We were moving all over the mountain trying to find good places to watch from. We met a girl named Sam who is Josh Bender’s sister.  Josh worked with Jeremy building stuff for the contest.  Sam and I talked a lot. They’re from Alaska!  She was cool.  Anyway, the contest got postponed due to wind and then it started raining!! It was so weird to go from hot and dry to shivering and cold so fast! We all huddled under the judge’s tent for a while til the rain stopped. They dried off the ramps and the contest continued.  Cameron Zink did his 360 again and landed it! The crowd went crazy! It was so sweet! He made it look so easy too.  He ended up winning the competition! Jeremy was really excited for him! It sounds like he’s had a good year! There was a party after awards and everything was over, but we didn’t go.  We headed to Vegas because we had an early flight out in the morning.

Here’s some pictures from the event: the Oakley feature, a rider looking down the course, another rider on the course, and Cameron Zink with his 1st place trophy!


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