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ND game

Posted on: October 17, 2010

I went to a Notre Dame football game with my dad yesterday! We left around 8:45 am and got there just after noon with the time change.  My dad told me we were late! The game started at 2:30.. He wanted to have time to walk around campus and show me everything.  He pointed out his old dorm that is now office buildings and we went inside the student admissions building.  We also walked around the church, the book store, and the student center.  We missed the players leaving the church and walking to the stadium in their suits though. My dad was bummed about that, he said it was cool.  We had steak sandwiches for lunch! Such an odd concept. Usually when I eat steak, it’s with mashed potatoes, not on a bun! It was good though!  I enjoyed it. We saw all the people tailgating in the parking lot. There were so many! A lot of people had full size grills and American flags. Soo crazy! We stopped inside the basketball gym to go to the bathroom then headed to our seats! They were pretty good seats! We were right behind one of the goal posts.  Notre Dame scored in the first 12 seconds! It was a great way to start off the game! The 2 seats next to me were vacant for a little while, but 2 kids cheering for the other team claimed them about 10 minutes into the first quarter. They smelled like liquor and were swearing up a storm. They left at half time, thank goodness! It was cool to see the student section wearing green and cheering.  When ND scored, they all did “push ups” in the stands! A bunch of kids held one person up and while someone held their hands and they kind of tossed the person up and down making it look like they were doing push ups on top of the crowd. It was so funny! Half time was cool too! My dad got a hot dog after the half time show and I got popcorn.  Towards the end of the game the student section started the wave! It was so cool! It caught on right away and kept going.  They even had 2 waves going at the same time, one each way!  We were enjoying the rest of the game and watching everything going on when suddenly it started to downpour! We ran down the bleachers and inside to get out of the rain. We watched a little TV in the concession stand for a few minutes, then went back outside.  Notre Dame was winning by a lot so we left a little early, like many other people! The final score was 44-20.  We headed home and stopped at Anette’s before picking up my car to go back to Palatine. It was a fun day! I got a new Notre Dame tshirt too!


I’m off to the Broad Shoulders event with Windy City Paws. I’ll write more and add pictures later!


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