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Posted on: November 2, 2010

I swear. Everyday something goes unexpectedly wrong. For example, I spill my tea, sleep in instead of doing extra credit, and today my internet wasn’t working this morning! I got up early to do homework for class before I needed to work on internship stuff from home. Welllll it took as long as I had set aside for homework to get my internet to work. I was not happy, but I shook it off. I couldn’t be mad about it all day. For my internship, I had to call walkers and try to get time off covered for when regulars would be home for the holidays.  It was challenging, but I eventually started making progress.  I ran to the library and worked on homework for about 30 minutes before I had to babysit.  I was feeling particularly tired and Anne said I could take Emery to the park, so we played inside for a while then agreed that Starbucks was a good idea. I bribed her with a pumpkin loaf.  I had backup keys because who knows where the real keys are.  We usually go out the garage since the garage door opener is in the double stroller.  We got our coats and shoes on and were ready to go. Emery and I both tried to lock the door without any luck.  I stood there trying to lock it with these crazy keys for at least another 5 minutes. When I turned around again to suggest we go out a different door, Emery was gone! I thought she locked herself in the garage since I was pretty sure the door had been open when we first came out and now it was closed. I ran to the door and started banging on it telling her to unlock it.  She’s a smart kid and I knew she knew what that meant.  I knocked on the door a few more times, but I thought I would have heard her crying if she was inside.  I ran back inside to look for the real keys to unlock the door to the garage.  No luck. I ran back outside and banged on the door some more and started calling her name. I checked the deck and the upstairs deck. Nothing. My heart started racing. I was on the verge of panicking. I ran back through the house and into the basement to the door that leads to the garage. I got in the garage and she wasn’t there! I opened the garage door and looked both ways down the alley. Still nothing. I was so nervous my legs started shaking.  I almost called Kerry at this point to have her come over and help me look for Emery. I came back outside by the back door and kept frantically calling her name. Finally, I saw her run around the corner from the front of the house! I asked her where she went and she said “in my garden.” I was so glad I found her! I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t! Thank goodness she was only in the front of the house! I wish she would have just told me, but everything is okay which is all I can ask for.

THEN we went to Starbucks. We took the double stroller and said hello to a man digging through the garbage cans in the alley. Lovely.  We made it to Starbucks in one piece. However, they were out of pumpkin loafs so lemon loaf it was. We were sitting down enjoying our coffee and cake when a man sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder. He asked if he could draw Emery.  Without thinking, I said sure. Big mistake.  He drew her in purple crayon while she was enjoying her lemon loaf. She was being silly and giggly and we were having a fine time.  She wanted to take the rest home so we got up and left.  Her dad came home with her older sister shortly after.  Her dad asked her if she had a good time with me and she said, “A man drew me in Starbucks.” Great. Way to go kid. Her dad asked me about the guy and I just said it wasn’t creepy. It wasn’t. He was drawing other kids and I assumed he just wanted me to give him money for it. So anyway, after I left I had a moral conflict.  I called my mom and asked her what she thought I should do. Of course she freaked out and told me I HAD to go buy the thing. I went back and asked the man if I could have it.  He said for $20! I was like no way man! He said $15. I was thinking more along the lines of $5. I asked him what he would do with it if I didn’t take it. He said give it to a gallery. I thought about this and left. I called my friend Lindsay and talked about it with her some more. I knew I really should buy it just to be safe. I went back and told him I would give him $10 for it.  He agreed since someone else had given him $30 for one earlier in the day. Really?! It’s crayon. Anyway, someone else (who was paying the full $20) bought the one of her son before me. I suspect she was creeped out by it and didn’t want him to do anything else with it.  Great way to sell stuff, the scare tactic! So I bought it, texted her dad, and brought it home to spray it with hairspray. I dunno, he told me to! It’s a nice picture, but I didn’t exactly want to pay for it. Ooooh well, now everyone’s happy right? Except me.

So then I scurried off to the library to try to get my homework done. Of course I did not! We had 3 sheets to do for a small project for class. I did 2 of them giving away 10/25 points. 😦 I figured I might as well go to class on time and at least get the full points for attendance than do something incredibly rushed, get to class late, and not do well on it anyway. Also, this is the only class I have a conflict with for Spain. I’ll be gone during the final group presentation and in class essay.  The professor said he would work something out with me, but has to make sure it’s fair.  I assume these circumstances mean I will not receive as good of a grade in this class as I would like. I’m hoping for a B/B- now! Oh well, I’ll have to take what I can get since this quarter has been so hectic.  I called my dad to tell him not to be surprised when I get a grade lower than we are both used to for this class and as soon as I hung up with him I dropped my phone!

I wonder what will happen tomorrow. Something good, I hope!!!!!!!!


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