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The Hot Chocolate Race!

Posted on: November 7, 2010

The Hot Chocolate race was yesterday! It was soooo cold! Victoria and I got there pretty early, around 7:10 am.  She checked her stuff and headed to the corral around 7:30 since she was doing the 5k that started at 7:40. I saw her off, wished her luck, and went to find Renee and Christine.  T he time went by so fast, and before we knew it, it was almost 8:00! Renee and Christine left their stuff with Dave, Renee’s boyfriend who came to watch, but I checked mine since I wasn’t sure if I would be with them at the end of the race. I didn’t want to take my coat off since my fingers and toes were already numb! I missed my buddy Kiersten, but I was glad to have Renee and Christine.  We weren’t even in the corral at 8:10 when the race started because there was no room! My toes felt like ice cubes and I could not wait to start running! My fingers warmed up pretty fast, but my toes were numb until the 3rd mile! I ran with Renee and Christine keeping about a 10 minute pace for 6 miles.  I told them to call me once they found dave at the finish in case I lost them.  The trail was very crowded and sure enough, I did lose them.  I started running a little faster like Kiersten and I did for the half marathon. I got tired around mile 8, but I knew I was almost done so I kept pushing it.  It helped that we finished along the same route that we did for the half marathon because I knew the end was near.  I was looking for my dad for a while near the end, but everyone on the sidelines started to look the same. I focused on the finish line. The big clock said 1:47 when I finished.  I just looked up my actual time. It was 1:33:19. Not too bad! I might sign up for another one to try to beat that time even though I keep saying I’m done..

After the race I found my dad and Victoria pretty easily. Victoria said the 5k went well for her! We headed over to get chocolate! The fondue was so good! There were apples, a banana, a rice krispy treat,  and pound cake for dipping. I managed to spill the chocolate on my coat and glove. Next, we went to look at the clothing choices.  I got a long sleeve shirt that says, “Will run for chocolate.” Then, I got hot chocolate! It was amazing! It basically tasted like warm, melted chocolate. It even had little marshmallows! I managed to spill that on my race number and my dad’s coat when he bumped into me. Oops.

Nookies in Old Town was our next stop. We had to wait for awhile because we wanted to sit in Gabe’s section, Victoria’s friend. It was worth it! He was very nice and an excellent server! I had an awesome breakfast sandwich. When we came home, we showered and headed to Gaslight to meet up with some friends.

My legs are pretty sore today! I enjoyed the race atmosphere. Running wasn’t too bad either.

15 more stars.. still!


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