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Day 2 and some of 3

Posted on: November 23, 2010

I’m back at the hotel. I’ll start with yesterday since I didn’t write too much and move forward.  After my first post and after we woke up from our naps, Kiersten met us at the hotel.  She was with Karen, her roommate.  I had actually met Karen in Underthings before, but it was nice to officially meet and talk to her.  Then we all walked to their host family’s house to meet and get to know them a little and for Kiersten’s parents to thank them for taking care of her.  We passed a mall on the way there that Kelly and I can’t wait to go to! It looks huge! The walk was nice.  It was a little cold, but not too far.  We were greeted by Kiersten’s host family with kisses on the cheek.  How European! They were so nice. I wish I understood what they were saying to me! They took our coats and offered us drinks.  Mrs. T. had wine that she enjoyed very much and Mr. T had a beer.  Kiersten’s host mom, Isabella, made a sponge cake and spelled “Welcome” on it in chocolate chips! It was so cute! She actually spelled Well and then Come.  Before we got there, Karen told her there was only one L so she pulled one L off! It was so cute of her.  The cake was good, too.  Their house was very cool! There was a TV room with a table when you first walk in.  There is a hallway off that room that leads to a bathroom, Kiersten’s room, and Ricardo’s room, their son.  I also think the master bedroom was down that hallway. It was kind of confusing, I forgot.  I know there was a door at the back of their bedroom that led back into the living room so it must have been the same hallway and the house makes a square around the kitchen? I think. Then, if you go the other way when you walk in, it’s the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room.  Jose, Kiersten’s host dad, had 3 very old cameras.  They were so cool and looked like the ones in old movies and books.  There were also some paintings he did on the walls.  He is very talented! They were all so nice. I really enjoyed meeting them.  We are going back there for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! We’ll be eating at the same time everyone else at home is eating! It’ll be 9pm here and 2pm at home!

After that, we stopped for dinner on the walk home.  Kiersten and her dad had Coronas.  Mrs. T. had a coke. Their coke bottles are so little and adorable.  Everyone enjoyed what they ordered.  We stopped by a little grocery store for some snacks on the way back to the hotel. We saw a cat on a leash! It was so crazy.  The man brought it in the store and talked to it like it was a dog! We thought it was hilarious! Kiersten, Kelly, and I stayed up and talked for a little while, but then it was off to bed because we had an early morning!

This morning, Kiersten took us to the Prado which is right down the street from her class.  We had breakfast at McDonald’s! Their McDonald’s was so nice.  The chairs were big and comfy, not at all like at home.  It was hard to order without Kiersten, but we managed! I had a chocolate chocolate chip muffin and a cappuccino.  It is so weird being the foreigner.  It’s a very cool experience though.  After McDonald’s we went to the museum.  We saw lots and lots of paintings. Kiersten told us we had to go see Las Meninas so we did.  We also saw the only Rembrandt piece in the whole museum. It was of a woman about to drink poison.  There was a very cool table held up by 4 lions in the first room we were in.  3 of the lions were originals, but one was replaced in 2004.  We had fun trying to guess which one was new.  We saw a lot of Velasquez stuff and walked around for a while trying to find paintings by Bosch.  It was very interesting when we did.  The painting was a triptych called The Garden of Earthly Delights.  The first panel depicted sin.  The middle was a land in which people did whatever they wanted, succumbing to earthly temptation.  The last panel was hell. It was very a unique piece of art.  We left after that.  We were running late so we hurried over to meet Kiersten at our meeting place. I bumped into Lauren from soccer who is in the same program as Kiersten.  Crazy seeing someone you know in Spain! Next, we headed out for lunch.  We wandered around a bunch of narrow streets.  I loved it! I took a lot of pictures.  Many were uphill, some were winding, all were lined with houses and restaurants.  It was so cool! We found a restaurant and had a leisurely lunch.  I had a tostada which was a toasted piece of bread, mushroom, and ham.  I enjoyed it! We ordered patatas bravas again! Kiersten can’t get enough of them.  Kiersten and I also had wine since we’re in Spain and we can! Lunch was very good.  After eating, Kiersten had to run to class so we all got on the Metro.  Kiersten told us how to get back since she was going somewhere else.  We made it!

Mrs. T suggested we stop by the little market in Plaza de Espana. Kelly and I were overjoyed! Finally! Shopping! It was so fun.  It was hard to speak to the vendors, though. Kelly bought Kiersten a pair of glittens.   We got a few more things for friends back home.  I want to go back! There was a lot of jewelry and scarfs.  I liked wandering around and looking at the things.

Now I’m going to take a little nap.  Tonight we have reservations for dinner at Botin.  It is Europe’s oldest restaurant.  The book Kiersten’s parents have on Spain said it attracts many Americans because “Hemmingway hung out there.”  We all laughed when we read this because it’s why we wanted to go there! How American of us!


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