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Just hanging out in the library..

Posted on: January 10, 2011

So today I woke up crazy early to do some homework before my classes today. I set my first alarm at 7:30 (crazy early), but didn’t get up unil 9 (not so early).  Anyway, I got ready to go and got to the library just after 10am, giving me over an hour before my gym class to print and do some readings.  Well, of course, DePaul’s printers weren’t working. Perfect! I tried 2 different computers on 2 different floors.  No luck.  I happened to have a shorter reading, a 6 pager, that I printed at home with me so I finished that.  The entire point of getting up and getting to the library was to at least print the 38 page article I need to read! So now I’m just hanging out in the library updating my blog for a few more minutes before I head over to the gym.  Let me tell you what happened yesterday! I wanted to leave my house in Palatine around 10 to get back to the city with plenty of time to be at work at noon.  My mom and I didn’t leave until 10:10 or so and she needed gas.  I told her we could stop at the gas station if she would buy me coffee.  She agreed.  We drove around the Mobile that was the complete opposite direction of the highway probably at least 3 times before she sat behind another car and waited for it to be done.  The place was packed! So we pull up to the pump and I hop out of the car to stick the credit card in the machine outside.  Low and behold, nothing happens! I stuck the piece of plastic in there at least 4 more times before I went in.  I figured I’d get my coffee and pay for the gas altogether.  Well, they were out of my favorite kind of gas station coffee, the French Vanilla Cappuccino.  I watched as only hot water fell out of the magic machine into my stupid styrofoam cup.  I had to think fast. Time was being wasted.  Next best thing: Dark Chocolate Cherry Cappuccino.  Boy, was I wrong.  Anyway, I filled up the cup with the nasty stuff too much and of course, it spilled on my hand! At this point, I was pissed.  I spilled some out, double cupped it, paid for the crappy coffee and $30 in gas and headed back to the pump.  My mom has an amused look on her face. She tells me I forgot to pay outside. Really, mom?! Really. I’m fuming. I pump her stupid gas and it takes FOREVER. Literally, a cent a second.  So we finally left around 10:40 to head back to the city. I made it to work on time and I dumped the dark chocolate cherry crap for a carmel frappachino at Starbucks..  I call  home every day to see if my gold card came yet. Still no luck!


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