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New Running Shoes

Posted on: January 17, 2011

I went home on Saturday to get new running shoes.  The ones I ran the 1/2 marathon and Hot Chocolate Race in were worn out and I started having knee problems so I figured a new pair would be a good idea.  Originally, my dad was going to pick me up around 11am and we would go straight to Dick’s in Schaumburg.  My mom wanted to pick me up instead after her piano lessons. She got here around noon and we headed home. My dad and I went to the store around 1:30pm.  The person who sold us the first pair of running shoes was there.  We talked to him about other options, but he recommended sticking with Mizunos.  However, they were out of all the Mizunos they had in my size.  He recommended we go to the Dick’s Sporting Goods in Arlington Heights.  We had to go to Dick’s because when I bought my first pair there, we also purchased a protection plan which meant if anything happened to the shoes, I could send them in and get a gift card in order to get another pair.  It was a great deal and I didn’t want to use it on something else in Dick’s and then go to Fleet Feet or something.  Anyway, we went to Starbucks after store #1 so I could use my Gold Card! It was thoroughly exciting. I got a raspberry mocha and wasn’t charged for the extra syrup.  Cool! We went to the hospital next to see my grandpa.  We stayed for about a half an hour.  Grandpa told us he was hoping to be able to go home by Monday (today).  After visiting for a little while, we went to the Arlington Heights store, store #2.  They, of course, did not have the shoe either.  I tried on a few pairs of Asics, but I didn’t like how heavy they felt on my foot.  The guy helping us had “Runnin Specialist” on his name tag.  As in the ‘g’ was missing. My dad and I were a little skeptical of his recommendations.  He brought me an Adidas shoe that was very light weight.  I liked it, but it didn’t have any ankle support and the bottom was very flat compared to the cutout and patterns on the bottom of a Mizuno.  We bought it to have just in case we couldn’t find anything else.  The sales associate recommended we go to Deer Park.  He was actually able to scan their inventory and see if they had the shoe I wanted.  It said they had one in the right size.  He called to make sure they did and we went there next to get it.  The people at store #3 said the shoe I bought, the Adizero, was more of a lifestyle shoe, not a running shoe.  She said it would look cute with jeans, but wasn’t much of a gym shoe.  I tried on the shoe I originally wanted and decided to go with it, even though the details and inside of the shoe are pink. My dad knows I hate pink and offered to use the gift card on something else so I wouldn’t have to buy pink anything, but I said not to be silly and that I could suck it up and run in pink. We got home at 5:30 pm and my dad drove me back down town so I could make it to Lindsay’s birthday celebration.

It was really good to see Lindsay! I hadn’t seen her in a long time.  Kiersten and Brady were there too.  It was a very chill night, but still fun.

I’ve already worn the pink running shoes in attempts to take out my frustration on the track at the gym.  I like them, but my knee and hip were still hurting a little.  Hopefully this will go away after I break them in more.

I’m making chocolate croissants for breakfast today.  All the chocolate in the world couldn’t make me happy right now.


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