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day 3 (Saturday) and 4 (Sunday)

Posted on: November 7, 2011

This weekend was a pretty low key here in Oahu. On Saturday morning, we sat outside and talked for  a while.  I felt like I went to the only Starbucks on the island because it was so packed and the line was so long! I picked up some more hand sanitizer at an ABC store and some bandaids because I am apparently accident prone.  A lot of the beaches have bathrooms, but no soap.  I also got my postcards! Around 1pm, we went to the beach at Lainikai.  It was pretty cloudy for a while, but the weather cleared up as we were walking along the beach.  This beach was beautiful! The sand was white and the water was so clear! The palm trees made cool shadows on the water and the sun light danced on the surface.  Past a certain point, the shore was rocky.  We wanted to see if there was more beach on the other side so we walked in the water for a while, but decided to turn around because the rocks never gave way to more beach. I kicked a rock as we were heading back, but it did not require Neosporin or a bandaid. We saw a bunch of dogs on the beach and playing in the water.  They were so cute!  We stopped at Kalapawai Market for lunch.  It was a pretty big store with a deli, grocery, wine, and misc section that had shaving cream, sun tan lotion, mouthwash, etc.  I loved it! It felt like a very local place with pretty much anything you could think of.  Then, went to a friend’s house and hung out in the pool/hot tub.  I was wearing a silver ring I’ve worn every day for a while now, and the chlorine tarnished it.  It doesn’t look the same at all, so I am now on a mission to get a new everyday ring before I go back home.  After a few hours, we cleaned up and then headed out to dinner.  We had to drive through the mountains to the other side of the island.  I was feeling a little queasy when we got there.  It was a Japanese place that was pretty crowded! The wait was about half an hour.  I was still feeling a little sick still which was a bummer because I wanted sushi! I was able to eat a little.  It was a very nice dinner.  After, we went to Bubbie’s for Mochi, a Japanese dessert. There was a line out the door! Mochi has an outer shell with ice cream inside.  I tried raspberry and some of my friends had guava, green tea, classic mochi, azuki bean, and a few others.  I think I’ve had this before at Shine back in Chicago.  I do like it, but the consistency is kinda weird. We called it a night after that and had to drive back through the mountains to get the car.  We ended up spending the night there, which was nice because if we had to turn around and drive back through the mountains AGAIN, I probably would have lost my dinner.  I went to bed around 11:30pm Hawaii time.. latest yet! I woke up around 6:45.  We had a lazy morning, stopped at Starbucks for breakfast and watched some TV. Then, we went to Pearl Harbor! We got there around 2:30 and they closed at 5.  We had time to see the USS Arizona and the Aviation Museum. We watched a short video about the day and the attacks before going to see the Arizona. The USS Arizona was so crazy.  There is something built over the water so you can look down and see the ship under water.  It’s so weird to think about what happened there so long ago. So many unsuspecting people lost their lives in the place I was standing.  It was very powerful.  After that, we went to the aviation museum.  Also very cool.  I recognized a lot of the scenery and the buildings from the movie about Pearl Harbor.  It was cool to be where the movie was shot!  We went into one of the Hangers featured in the movie.  There were all sorts of planes from fighters to helicopters. There was a plane that the first George Bush flew in the war when he was 18! We got to go in some and see all the buttons and seats and everything.  It was a really cool experience.  The museum grounds closed at 5 so we had to leave after that.  We’re thinking of going back on Wednesday to see the USS Missouri which you can walk on.  I think that will be really cool, too! Pearl Harbor is fascinating to me.  After leaving Pearl City, we drove back to Honolulu and did some grocery shopping (finally!).  We pretty much got everything you could think of including Gushers, lunch meat, yogurt, Koala yummies, bread, eggs..   Now I understand why people were saying everything is more expensive in Hawaii.  It is.  Big jars of JIF peanut butter were $10! We made mostacholi with chicken and salad for dinner. Then we planned out the rest of the week with things we want to do.  It is going to be tough to fit everything in! If the weather is nice, the plan for tomorrow is to stop at the Dole Plantation and then spend all day doing things in and around North Shore.  I hope its sunny so I get a tan! I’m sticking with a light layer of the SPF 30.  It’s going on 10 now so I’m going to get to bed.  Tomorrow will be a long, jam packed day!


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