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North Shore

Posted on: November 8, 2011

Yesterday, we spent a lot of the day in North Shore. We left just before 10am and went to the Dole Plantation.  It was raining pretty hard, so the pineapple maze was closed! I saw pictures of it online and it looked pretty cool.  We mostly just hung around the store for a little while. There were plantation tours and a train ride around the property, but we didn’t do any of that.  I found so many cool things in the store! I got my dog healthy pineapple dog treats since he’s getting fat.  I picked up a Christmas ornament, a bottle of passion fruit wine, some pineapple guava and pineapple strawberry jam, a few other things I forgot, and some soap sheets.  Those are so cool and they smell amazing! So, like I said before, there are bathrooms at almost every beach which is really nice, but there’s no soap! I’ve been rinsing my hands and then using hand sanitizer, but now I can use these soap sheets! When you get them wet, they’re just like a regular bar of soap, except they’re one time use.  How cool is that?! I had so much fun in that store.  They had key chains, spices of every kind, chips, jam, jewelry, a whole Christmas section, sweatshirts, surfboard clocks, pens.  It was awesome.  I also got a frisbee because I ordered a kids meal for lunch! They serve pineapple with everything.  I had mac and cheese with a side of pineapple and garlic bread. The soft serve ice cream with pineapple looked really good!  After that, we drove to Haleiwa.  It was a really small town with some surf shops and things on the main road. It was still raining so we thought we would look around before going to the beach.  I looked around for about 3 hours! I love little shops like that.  I found a really cool photo album that says Hawaii with the outline of each island on it.  It’s made out of wood.  I can’t wait to put pictures in it when I get home! We stopped at a coffee shop next and I saw a necklace I liked there, but I didn’t get it.  I always see things I like and think I’ll find them somewhere else which is exactly what I did, but didn’t see it anywhere else so we came back for it later.  I tried on some bathing suits at a local store, but didn’t see anything I was crazy about. We stopped at another coffee shop that does live streaming over the internet of what’s going on, kinda like the way Hollister has those big screens showing Venice Beach and stuff.  It was pretty cool! I bought some vanilla hazelnut local coffee to take home.  We also went in a gallery.  It had art, glass things, wood boxes, jewelry. I found wooden postcards! I love postcards! I was pretty excited about those.  I also bought a card with a cool design. We saw Cholo’s Mexican Restaurant, too.  It was on my list of things to do, but we didn’t stop because it was getting nicer out and we had to get to the beach! I asked the hostess if I could get a margarita to go.  She said no! We went in a bunch more little stores along the main road, but I don’t think I bought anything else.  I can’t remember!  We went to Waiamea Beach after that.  It was on a very steep incline to the water because of the tide.  It made it hard to get in and out of the ocean, but it was fun trying to stand there and not get knocked over on the way in.  It was a beautiful day.  There were some clouds in the sky, but it was really sunny.  I’m ditching the SPF 30 too.  I still look the same.  We stayed at the beach for a few hours and then drove to Turtle Bay Resort to watch the sun set.  On the way there, we passed the beach where the Vans Triple Crown and a few other surf competitions are held.  We also drove by Sharks Cove.  Turtle Bay is where Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed.  I didn’t see anything that looked familiar, but I saw the movie a long time ago.  It was a really awesome spot to watch the sun set, but the clouds inhibited anything cool. It started off really well with some pinks and oranges, but the sun went behind the clouds and that was it.  We watched the surfers for a while and then left.  We were going to stop for shrimp at a shrimp truck, but I was feeling like I wanted to sit down at a restaurant.  However, we couldn’t find one!  We looked around at what my friend thinks is a Mormon church (how he knows, I don’t know) and continued to drive the east side of the island back to the Honolulu area. It was dark so “east side tiki” had turned off its lights and gone in for the night, but we stopped anyway.  It was a man’s garage who carves things out of wood.  Some of these tiki things were huge! They had to cost a fortune.  It was very cool to look at, but we only stayed for a few minutes since it was getting late. We drove home and made dinner and went to bed.  It seemed like a really long day, but I guess we didn’t do too much after all.  I was exhausted. On the agenda today, my friend has class from 9am – 12pm (its 7:35am) and then hopefully surfing! We might go to the aquarium and then he has soccer.  After soccer, we might walk over to the Hilton and see what their coffee shop and stores are like. Below are some pictures from yesterday!


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