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Last Full Day in Hawaii

Posted on: November 12, 2011

I know I say every day is crazy long, but today was SO LONG.  We left pretty early to go kayaking to the Mokes.  However, when we got there the wind was very strong.  We decided to try it anyway, but kayaking against such strong winds proved to be too tough for us.  I had never kayaked before and I was having a very difficult time!  My friend tied my kayak to his to try to make it easier on me, but we still didn’t make much progress.  The water was a beautiful blue on that beach, but the weather conditions prevented us from having a good time kayaking. We decided to abort our mission to make it to Flat Island or the Mokes. We walked along the beach for a while and returned our kayaks around 11am.  We rented them at 9:30 planning to have them out til 1 or so. We decided to go on a hike next.  We drove for about 15 minutes to the location of the hike.  It was a muddy one! We went in with just our bathing suits and gym shoes (I wore shorts and brought my camera and water).  It was about a 45 minute hike each way.  At the end of the hike, there was a waterfall!  There was a ledge near the waterfall for cliff jumping.  It was pretty cool.  The water was sooo cold! It was muddy too from the trail so it was impossible to see the bottom.  There were a few different places and heights to jump from.  I just did the basic one next to the waterfall.  My friend’s roommate climbed all the way up to the top and jumped from about 50 feet!  She said she slid coming off the ledge and she landed mostly on her left leg.  She had a huge red mark! It’s going to be a big bruise.  She said it was burning a little, but she’s fine.  We hung out near the waterfall for a little while.  There were a lot of people up there with dogs and stuff.  It was pretty cool.  When we headed back down it was about 2:30pm.  We went to Teddy’s for lunch, a burger place.  After that, we rented surfboards from Moku’s and hit the beach! Lizzie and I surfed for about an hour.  I caught one wave, but there wasn’t much going on in the water.  Talk about a long day! Kayaking straight to the hike and straight surfing.  We stopped back at the apartment for a little while and found the sweatshirt I have been hunting down! Sometime along this trip, I saw a red sweatshirt that said HI with the islands in the background.  We were looking all over for it and finally found it! I love the feeling of a new sweatshirt.  I’m wearing it on the plane tomorrow. Apec, the conference being held here, was screwing up traffic and our walking patterns, so walking home took forever! It was going on 10pm and we were exhausted. We finally made it back and neither of us wanted to move. I made some mac and cheese and packed up my suitcase.  It is much heavier now!  I still have to put my muddy shoes in my bag.  They’re drying out from the hike still.  I have some room in my backpack, but not too much left in the suitcase.  I hope my toiletries fit! I apologize if this post doesn’t make too much sense or isn’t grammatically correct.  I’m pooped!  It’s been a packed week for me here in Oahu. I’m still not very tan!  I stopped wearing sun screen a few days ago, but I didn’t get much color.  We were only in the sun for an hour or 2 at a time.  I guess if I had been laying out on the beach reading or something I would have gotten more color.  Ooooh well.  I’m off to bed.  My flight is at 7:45am! I’m getting up at 4:45, less than 6 hours!  I am not looking forward to leaving 85 and sunny with slight, short showers for snow!


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