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Sun Times.. and other stuff 2

Posted on: November 16, 2011

I had another interview at the Sun Times yesterday and they offered me the job! I will go in on Friday for a short shadow session and then my first day is Monday. I got lost trying to find the drug test and then I cried all the way home.  It should have been a happy day, but I realized that now I will be here in Chicago for however long I chose to stay, and there was someone I wanted it to matter to, but it doesn’t.  I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself.  I got a job and that’s great news.  It’s going to be a long commute because I have to take the train in from the suburbs and then hop on the el probably.  I’ll probably have to leave around 6:30 and get home around 7pm. Yikes.  I think I am going to continue to look for jobs in other places.  My dad got me a cake, a balloon, and the Sun Times newspaper from today as a memento.  I thought that was very nice. Here’s my favorite postsecret this week:

I like it because we all need a day off every once in a while.  It’s kind of how I’m feeling. I need to get back on a regular sleep schedule before I start this job.  I’ve been staying up late either trying to exhaust myself so I go to sleep without thinking about anything or because I’m still on Hawaii time.  Either way, I need to get it together.  Here’s a few quotes from the book I’m reading that I like.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult:

  • You couldn’t have strength without weakness; you couldn’t have light without dark; you couldn’t have love without loss.
  • What if love wasn’t the act of finding what you were missing, but the give and take that made you both match?
  • Add love, and a person might do something crazy.  Add love, and all the lines between right and wrong were bound to disappear.

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  • BFF: LOVE this post. The third picture is my favorite and really resonates with me. Instead of comparing our lives to those of others, we should be immense
  • Cindy Friesen: Im so glad you are having fun! I cant wait to see pictures! Have you had a Paini yet or a Crepe?! How about Tapas and Paella? Or Sangria!!!! Are you g
  • Kiersten Trillhaase: You can have this AND a Mastiff or Great Dane, but you cannot choose it over the other dogs- I will not let you. P.S. Love the post about skyping


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