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Posted on: December 28, 2011

This week has been the most stressful week of my life! I just installed a WordPress app so I could update my blog from my phone so its one less thing to do when I get home! I also installed a Metra app because I’m on the Milwaukee District West Line instead of the usual Union Pacific Northwest because I have to go to my cousin’s house. Let me tell the recent events of my life in chronological order, though.

So first of all, this weekend was Christmas. Stressful enough making sure you have a gift for everyone and hoping they’ll like it. I’m pretty sure I need one more gift. Christmas day was interesting because my grandma wanted to watch the dvd of pictures from my grandpa’s funeral. While it was nice that we all took the time to remember him, it kind of put a damper on things because it made everyone sad. We had a really nice Christmas otherwise, though. My dad always buys lottery tickets for our stockings. Last year I won $100 and the year before my sister won $200. Moderate winnings this year. I raked in $11 and she pulled $13. Monday was the shopping debacle, and my sister and I almost rescued a stray black lab on Christmas Eve.

Yesterday started off crazy. I got to the train station around 7:30 like usual, put on my makeup, got my caramel brulee latte and headed outside to catch the train. I noticed flairs and police, but thought nothing of it mostly because I only pay attention to detail when its after noon, when I’m people watching, or when the subject is interesting. Most of the rest of the time, I’m oblivious. Peculiar enough, I could see the 7:51 in the distance, but it wasn’t moving. Then I looked down the tracks the other way. I could see a stopped train but didn’t know what happened. Since everyone was going nowhere fast, I went back into the train station. I read a little of The Girl who Played with Fire, and quickly learned that a train hit a car. I considered driving, but that would cost me $19 for parking. It was the Tuesday after Christmas and not many people were in the office so I decided to wait it out. For 2 and a half hours. I finally got on a train a little after 10 am. I sat on the side of the accident so I could see what happened. I saw the front bumper first and then a little further down, the back bumper. Then I saw what used to be a car. It was a mess of metal at the crossing by Plum Grove and Palatine roads. It was horrific. The car was a twisted, mangled mess. It was in pieces all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it. I knew right away that the crash was fatal. By that time, I already felt like it was a full day of work and I was ready to go home. I strolled into work around 11:15. I had a lot to do, but I kept getting pulled away from projects to work on something else. I was also trying to find out where “in the middle” of Johnsburg and Palatine was because I was meeting friends for dinner. I decided on Wauconda. Dinner was at 7:30 so I went straight there when I got back to the train station. I was early so I read a little before my friends showed up. I had dinner with Christine and Kerry at Dock’s. It was great to see them! I hadn’t seen them in a really long time. The restaurant was good and we had a nice time. We talked for about an hour and a half. I got home around 9:30, got my stuff together for today, and went straight to bed. I took the 6:49 in this morning which is crazy because I can usually hardly make the 7:24! Still had time for a venti, but I had to save the makeup for work. Today we had a deadline at noon and I wanted to make sure I got everything done and I felt bad that I was so late the day before. I got to work at 7:50 a.m. That’s pretty much the earliest I’ve ever been for anything ever. I met the noon deadline, but just missed the 4pm deadline for the other ads. I’m sure the order will be fine, though. I bolted out of there around 4:50 and booked it to union. I had to buy a ticket because my monthly for the other line won’t work on this one. I got in line at 5:11. I got out of line at 5:25. The train was at 5:23. I had $8 on me and I knew there was a $3 fee for buying the ticket on the train. I didn’t know how much the ticket on its own would have been, though. That’s why I has to stay in that long line and miss the train. I don’t know what would have happened besides me being very embarrassed if I didn’t have enough money. Turns out I would have had 50 cents to spare. Anyway, I’m on the 5:46 now because the girls in my family are going to see The Sound of Music somewhere. I’ve seen a few minutes of the movie and wasn’t really a fan, but my mom wanted to go and more or less guilt tripped me and my sister into it with her, “Its fine. My sisters can go and I’ll just stay home.” Sooo here I am. The show starts at 8 and is 2 hours and 40 minutes so I should get home around midnight. Just to get up and do it all over again. I hate being a grown up. I hope I’m on the right train, I don’t recognize these stops! Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors. This feels like one gigantic text message. I’ll clean it up and add links to the article about the crash later. Right now I’m going to see when this thing gets to Roselle! Thanks for reading my wall of words 🙂


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