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This week

Posted on: January 13, 2012

This week has been a long one! I’m pretty exhausted. I’m on the train home now. I was supposed to hang out in the city with Kiersten tonight, but she had to go home. Karla and I might go out for drinks instead. If we don’t, I’m going to curl up in bed with some tea and watch Greys Anatomy and Private Practice from last night. I saw a lot of friends this week! On Tuesday, I met Melissa at Oberweis. We used to work there together. I haven’t seen her in a looong time! We had a lot to talk about from new jobs to traveling to new cars. On Wednesday, I met Jeff at Starbucks. I hadn’t seen him in a while either. He’s a little older and kind of like the voice of reason / wisdom. Its nice to bounce thoughts about my personal life off him. He suggested a new band, which is always appreciated. On Thursday, I took on the snow storm and took the el north a few stops to Sedgewick to meet J-burg for pizza. The snow made it challenging and we had to change the location, but we were able to get together! She went to the same island of Hawaii shortly after I did. It was fun to swap stories! She said she loved snorkeling where as it made me uncomfortable because it was so shallow! She also said they spent a few hours on the bus trying to go to the north shore, but never made it! That was one of my favorite things. We both enjoyed the Dole Plantation. We talked for about 2 hours before we went our different ways. Whenever I’m early for the train home, I stop at Mrs. Fields for cookies. I am consistently disappointed in selection and price, yet I still go. I did enjoy my milk chocolate chip cookie, though. I took the 8:30 home so I missed my shows. That’s ok though. I’ll watch them soon. I have been wanting to go to Starfruit all week! Whenever I’m about ready to go, something comes up or I have to revise something. I almost went at 4:45 today, but I wouldn’t have had enough time to get there, order what I wanted, get back to my desk.  I could have gotten a smoothie, but then my hands would have been even colder walking to the train. If I don’t get if next week, I’m going to be pretty upset! Tomorrow is Lindsay’s birthday! Kiersten and I are planning on driving out there together. The weekend is going to go by too fast as always. I’m going to read and try to tune the people out who are talking about weddings.

Here’s a thought: “communication is the lifeblood of all relationships.”


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  • BFF: LOVE this post. The third picture is my favorite and really resonates with me. Instead of comparing our lives to those of others, we should be immense
  • Cindy Friesen: Im so glad you are having fun! I cant wait to see pictures! Have you had a Paini yet or a Crepe?! How about Tapas and Paella? Or Sangria!!!! Are you g
  • Kiersten Trillhaase: You can have this AND a Mastiff or Great Dane, but you cannot choose it over the other dogs- I will not let you. P.S. Love the post about skyping


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