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Posted on: February 6, 2012


Check out what Kiersten and I did! Can you tell which one is mine? I will have to upload the before and after pictures later.  I took a few on my camera.  I wanted to take a few “during” action shots, but the paint was much too messy for that! We got canvases, paint, and balloons from Michael’s.  The plan was to blow up balloons and put paint in them so when we threw them at the canvas, they would pop.  We were armed with tacks to try to figure this out, but we soon figured out that balloons were not the way to go.  We set up a tarp on a bench in the park behind Kiersten’s house. We aligned our canvases so that one would catch some of the splatter when the paint hit the other.  We tried blowing the balloons up first and the pouring paint in them, but it was impossible to keep the air in the balloon while pouring paint in.  There was no way we were going to get past the first step so we would even be able to throw them at the canvas! Paint was already everywhere.  My hands were purple and Kiersten’s were blue.  Since the balloons weren’t going to work, we needed something else to throw the paint with. Kiersten thought of Easter eggs and went inside to get some.  Those were much better at 1. holding the paint and 2. opening on impact.  The first egg Kiersten threw cracked and paint went everywhere! It was awesome. We continued putting paint in and throwing eggs for 4 hours!  It was really fun! We had 12 different colors of paint: neon yellow, neon green, bright orange, red, wine, aqua, blue, purple, fuchsia, green, black and white. We had to leave the egg open about half way to make sure the paint would come out of it.  A few times, I threw the egg and nothing happened because the egg stayed closed.  In that case it just bounced off the canvas and I threw it again! There were also a few times where the egg exploded back at us and we had to jump to get out of the way or be covered in paint. We had a hard time with the darker green color because we couldn’t get it on the canvas!  We tried so many times and we either overthrew the egg or it would just splatter up and not hit anything.  We gave up on it eventually.  We started mixing colors in eggs once we had used all of them.  Kiersten mixed purple and white.  It looked sooo cool! I did black and red, but that splatter mark got covered later with an aqua, purple, white, and fuchsia egg. The neon colors looked cool together too!  Kiersten decided she was done after a while, but I wasn’t satisfied so I continued mixing colors and throwing eggs.  I felt like I had too much color right in the middle and wanted to spread it out.  It was difficult to aim for the canvas, but not hit the middle.  We both missed a few times and painted the street!  I also hit the bench a few times.  A bright orange egg got alll over the bench, the bottom of my canvas, and the garbage can next to it! It was a decent day yesterday, but still cold.  We took a break once and went inside to wash our hands and warm up a little.  The paint came off with soap and water so there wasn’t too much of a mess.  I finally gave up after deciding that I was not going to hit the top left corner of my canvas, after many attempts.  Clean up was easy since the garbage can we painted was right next to the bench where we worked.  When we moved everything, the grass the garbage can, the fence, and the street were all covered in bright colors! There were a lot of people that walked and drove by while we were doing this.  A few made comments, but most just kept to themselves and probably thought we were crazy.  We didn’t get too much paint all over ourselves!  Kiersten had a tiny bit of blue paint in her hair and we both had a little on our jeans.  I had some red on the back of the sweatshirt I was wearing, some yellow on my left shoe, and a few white and yellow splatters on my jeans.  I left my canvas at Kiersten’s to dry.  Overall, I think throwing paint was a big success! I’m glad Kiersten thought of Easter eggs and we didn’t stick to balloons.  We had some good laughs when one of us missed, hit something other than the canvas, or couldn’t find the dog poop we were using as our “stand behind this line.”

After that extravaganza, I hung out and watched the game with Kiersten and her mom.  I was too tired to move once I sat on the couch! I got home late the night before and throwing the eggs, running after them, and  jumping over the fence took all the energy I had left.  It was nice to just chill out.  And it was very nice of them to share their food with me!  I left right before the 4th quarter to go home and go to bed.  I was pooped!

Saturday night I went out with Audelynn, the girl I met at the trade show last week.  We met a few other girls from Barbizon at Rivers Casino. We were fascinated by the parking garage! There was a board that said how many spots were available on each floor.  There was a light for every spot and if it was available, the light was green and if a car was in it, it was red.  It was so cool! She had never been to a casino before and trusted me to show her the ropes.  We should have found someone else to follow around.  I suggested we stick to the penny slots.  I won a few bucks on an under the sea game at first, but I gave it all back on a Birds of Paradise game.  Audelynn had great luck on that game and won $30! We hung out with her friends at the bar after that and stayed there for a while.  After 1, we went back out to gamble some more.  I lost another $20 and she won a few more dollars. We drove through McDonald’s and I got home around 3:30 am. It was a long night, but I’m glad I finally got out and did something!  My left knee hurts because I hit it jumping over the fence. My thumbs still feel funny from the cold and my entire right arm is sore either from working our or throwing eggs.  Now I have to find something to do the weekend after next.  I’ll be in LA the 10th – 14th!


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