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My hair

Posted on: February 29, 2012

Holy crap. I love my hair. It is long and natural. I hardly ever blow dry, straighten, or curl it. Its never been dyed. I cut it my senior year of high school for locks of love and it was traumatizing. So all these factors mean I should go to a hair show audition where they want to cut and color it right? Well that’s what I did. I was thinking a little cut, a little color, maybe 6 inches and some blonde high lights. Which would be extreme for me. Well, of course I was late, I’m late for everything, but the room we were supposed to be in was locked. I followed a few other girls back and forth across the street and all over McCormick Place and the Hyatt, up and down escalators until we finally found where we were supposed to be. Why does that always seem to happen? I’m smart. If you tell me to go to room CC22A, I’ll be there. I hate that. Anyway, they took each girl’s picture and told them what they wanted to do with their hair. He asked me how much I wanted to cut and I said I was 23. Long day, ok? In response to his question, I said 4 or 5 inches. He said chop it all off make over style and dye it blonde. He told me to think about it so I did while other girls were showing him their walk. I’ve never walked before and I wasn’t going to try to figure out the science of it while I was standing in line so I winged it. Before I got to the end of the runway I heard him say “good.” I almost giggled. He again told me he wanted to give me a bob and make me a blonde. I asked if we could compromise and he said no. I said I couldn’t do it. I got my stuff and left. I am so glad I said no! Like I said, I could have compromised. Dye it blonde and give me layers, fine. Cut it short(ish) and keep the color meeeeh ok. I would cry on stage if I agreed to what he wanted to do. And cry every day after until my hair hit my shoulders and was brown again. It was a lot of money, but still not worth it to me. Tomorrow was an audition for the same show, but just doing styling which I would have enjoyed much more, but the audition was canceled. Looks like I’m going to have to pay for a hair cut (when I’m good and ready for one) after all.


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