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Posted on: June 18, 2012

Weekends always go by so fast! On Friday, I went to Westwood with Audelynn.. the usual! It wasn’t as busy as we’ve seen it though so we went to O’Briens in Palatine too. It was fun.  “Another interesting night” as we like to say! We went to McDonald’s around 3 a.m.  The guy working the drive thru was wearing 2 ties so of course we stopped to talk to him. He ended up climbing through the window and Audelynn got out of the car to give him a hug. It was a little crazy.  On Saturday, I drove over to my parent’s new house to pick out a color to paint my room.  One wall is going to be a sunset based on this picture from San Diego


The other 3 walls are a purple color that kind of looks like the purple to the right of the sun.  I hope it looks cool.. and not like a 6 year old girl lives there. After stopping by the house, we went to get ID pictures taken at the club house.  They have an indoor and outdoor pool and a fitness room.  It was nice to work out with actual equipment again! When I work out at home, I use laundry detergent as weights! I was able to shower there and then change and go to my cousin’s graduation party a few miles away. All of my cousins and my grandma live over in that area so it should be nice. I really want to use the pool soon! Amanda and Jackie’s graduation party was nice. We sat outside for a while since the sun was out. Sunday was Father’s Day! My family met at the cemetery to visit my grandpa and then went out to breakfast in the morning.  We went to Uncle Bill’s. My mom and uncle go there pretty often. Once was enough for me. It was tiny and the food was mediocre.  One of the waitresses was a little too ambitious in clearing a table. In the process, Amanda and I were splashed with whatever was inside the mug that broke. After leaving there, I drove to my sister’s new apartment where they are painting her room also. We went to Portillo’s for dinner. My dad got to pick the restaurant! It was a good Father’s Day, no major fights.

I can’t wait til my dresses come in the mail! I need a vacation. I’m thinking somewhere seriously tropical, like the Bahamas or something. I just need someone to go with me! ..and the time off work.

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There are 6 billion people in the world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is 1 – OTH



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  • BFF: LOVE this post. The third picture is my favorite and really resonates with me. Instead of comparing our lives to those of others, we should be immense
  • Cindy Friesen: Im so glad you are having fun! I cant wait to see pictures! Have you had a Paini yet or a Crepe?! How about Tapas and Paella? Or Sangria!!!! Are you g
  • Kiersten Trillhaase: You can have this AND a Mastiff or Great Dane, but you cannot choose it over the other dogs- I will not let you. P.S. Love the post about skyping


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