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Posted on: May 20, 2013

This weekend was fun! I took the train to Aurora and Kit picked me up at the station. His cousins met him for a drink there while he was waiting. Some people came back to the Barn Bar with us. Kit and I stopped for lottery tickets on the way home. We had pizza from Papa John’s for dinner and had a little fire. It was fun! On Saturday, we went for a run in the morning. It was nice to be able to run outside. After that, we packed up and headed out to the river for a canoe trip! We were on the Fox River for 5 hours! We left around 11 and got home a little after 4.  We had snacks, drinks, and music. Paddling is hard work, but luckily I didn’t have to do it too much. I sat in the front, got a tan, and passed beers back to the boys. Lindsay got us all sunglasses to wear this summer from Faded Days. Here is a picture of mine. I love them! I can’t wait til the pool is open and we can play pool pong!



Minty Fresh

When we got back on Saturday, we ordered another pizza! This time from Rosati’s. I love their pizza. I had pizza 5 times from Thursday to Sunday. It was crazy. Anyway, we had a bonfire going again and were hanging out outside. Kit’s friend is getting married next weekend and his bachelor party was Saturday night. Kit didn’t want to go for money reasons, but I thought he should so I talked him into it. I ended up driving him to the city around 8:15. I had to take his car though since mine as still at my house! We got to the city around 9:15 and he hopped on the trolley with his friends. I drove home after that. The plan was for me to pick him up in the morning. I kept my phone on vibrate when I went to bed in case he tried to reach me and around 2:30 he wanted me to come pick him up. I left the house at 3 a.m. Crazy, I know, but I think he would do the same for me. I picked him up in the city around 4 and we got back to his house by 5. It was a long night! We tried to sleep in, but it was such a beautiful day. We watched a little TV and laid out for an hour or so. Then he had to drive me home for my grandma’s birthday party. It was nice to sit outside with the fam. We had sub sandwiches and granny got some gifts. Overall, it was a good weekend.

Next weekend is Memorial Day! I’m so excited. I’m going to that wedding with Kit. I have to figure out what to wear!


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  • BFF: LOVE this post. The third picture is my favorite and really resonates with me. Instead of comparing our lives to those of others, we should be immense
  • Cindy Friesen: Im so glad you are having fun! I cant wait to see pictures! Have you had a Paini yet or a Crepe?! How about Tapas and Paella? Or Sangria!!!! Are you g
  • Kiersten Trillhaase: You can have this AND a Mastiff or Great Dane, but you cannot choose it over the other dogs- I will not let you. P.S. Love the post about skyping


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