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You call that a long weekend?

Posted on: May 28, 2013

I am amazed that even a long weekend went by so fast! I was kinda bummed that the weather wasn’t so nice for Memorial Day, but I still found fun things to do. Kit picked me up from the train station again on Friday. We had a few appetizers there then headed home.  We discovered that we like their steak tacos! We were both pretty tired so we watched some TV and fell asleep.  Saturday was the day of Kit’s friend’s wedding.  He got up early, around 5:45, to go golfing with the guys before the big day. I took Jessie for a run and got ready to go to the mall to find a dress! I had been looking all week, but didn’t see anything I liked. I decided to go back to Windsor to try to find something. I like that store. I wore a dress from there to the last wedding I went to. I had a few options of things I could wear, but none I felt great about. So to the mall I went. On the day of the event. Sounds just like me, doesn’t it? I tried on a few dresses and found one I loved, but I still bought 2. Also sounds just like me, right? The one I picked is black and had an awesome neckline that comes up and over the shoulders to tie at the back of the neck. Here is a picture of it!

I got to the hotel around 12:30 or so. The ceremony was at 3 so I had to start getting ready! I curled my hair, as I always do for weddings, but I wanted to do something different since this dress was so awesome. I decided to do a waterfall french braid with a side pony so you could see the back of the dress. Here is what my hair looked like. I was very proud of it.


When we were ready to go, we found the rest of the guys and hung out for a little while before we had to get going.  The ceremony was outside. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. It was short and sweet, which was nice. I liked the bridesmaid dresses.  We had 2 and a half hours to kill before the reception started! I hadn’t eaten much that day so me and another girl were counting down until it was time to eat! It was fun getting to know everyone.  We all headed down together at 6. It was nice that everything was right at the hotel. The soup they served was soo good! It was a tomato something. I loved it! I didn’t get to eat too much of my salad because the waiter accidentally knocked over a glass of champagne on my plate. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I think the waiter thought I was upset that he spilled on me. He apologized so many times and offered to pay for my breakfast at brunch the next day if I was going to go.  I went back up to the room to pull myself together and when I came back, the food had been served. I had salmon. It was really good! I also got tapped on the shoulder by management about the spillage. She said I could have my dress dry cleaned and they would pay for it. I thanked her and said that wasn’t necessary.  After all that, it was time to dance. I shook off the upset and had a good time the rest of the night. Kit’s friends were fun.  Once the reception ended, we went to the hotel bar. We had chocolate martinis. They were very good! We went up to the room around 1:30 and found a note with a bottle of champagne and pretzels apologizing again for the spill. Here are some more pictures from the wedding.


Kit and I after the ceremony back in the hotel room


Kit with Luke and Brian at the reception


at the bar after the reception


This is Kit’s friend Luke and those are chocolate martinis


CJ and Luke

On Sunday morning, we ordered room service for breakfast.  It was expensive, but definitely worth it! I had scrambled eggs, hash browns, and Canadian bacon and Kit had an omelet with orange juice. Yum!I  decided to take them up on dry cleaning my dress after all. I was going to have to do it anyway.  We took it easy the rest of the weekend. We opened the pool and then watched a special on Mermaids on Sunday. We ordered our favorite turkey BLT wrap from Legends.  On Monday, we watched Identity Thief. I liked it. It was pretty funny. I wanted to make smores, but we had trouble getting a fire started since it rained so much over the weekend. We had pulled pork, salad, and macaroni salad for dinner. It was good! We watched most of Green Lantern then I went home. I can’t wait for some warm weather!


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