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Rereading My Own Blog

Posted on: July 10, 2013

I was just reading previous posts from when I went to Spain and Hawaii.  I am very grateful to have the experiences and memories. In one post, I got a postcard from Kiersten in Spain and I was so excited to put it in my heart shaped picture- turned postcard holder.  I also wrote about living with Victoria and working at Underthings. Victoria is getting married soon! Her bridal shower is this Sunday. Isn’t it absolutely crazy how fast time goes by? I wrote about studying for finals and going to class and writing papers and now I am seriously dating someone, buying a car and a new computer, and having a mid 20s crisis about what to do with the rest of my life. At the time, I couldn’t wait to get out of college and go and be something.  I didn’t know it would be this hard. I was reading another blog called Mind Body Green about meditating. I think I am going to give it a try. I find myself drawn to posts on that blog fairly often. It is nice to read the things I am feeling in someone else’s words. Back to my own previous posts, I reread the one about surfing on a paddle board at Wikiki Beach.  I need to get my butt out to California to do that again. I LOVED surfing. It was such a natural high. I need to do more things that make me happy. I think I get so worn out from getting up early, getting on the train, working a full day, going home that I forget what life is about. I want to be successful, yes, but I want to be happy and I need to see more of my friends and do things with them that I enjoy. Hiking at Starved Rock was fun. I just need to soak it up more and make time for things that are important to me. I’ve decided to make a schedule for my week. I want to start playing the piano and guitar again. There are so many things I’m not doing that I should be. There is still so much ahead of me and I need to quit feeling like this is it. It isn’t.  I also need to be more positive. I spilled coffee all over my hand on the walk to work this morning and I didn’t get mad. Small victory. Here are 3 of my favorite things from previous posts.

2nd  Whatyouvegot

I made a list of things to do before the end of the summer:

  • see Despicable Me 2 and The Heat
  • take mom to see Oz
  • go to pool with Cindy
  • do a wine and canvas with Dana
  • make a crock pot recipe
  • buy a car
  • buy a tablet or computer
  • set up an IRA
  • read Feel the Fear
  • relax, take it 1 day at a time
  • get a manicure
  • get a massage
  • find balance
  • try meditation
  • play piano and guitar
  • make a Miss Pokorny gift for Lindsay
  • do something with wine bottles I’ve been saving
  • make a schedule for practicing and running

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  • BFF: LOVE this post. The third picture is my favorite and really resonates with me. Instead of comparing our lives to those of others, we should be immense
  • Cindy Friesen: Im so glad you are having fun! I cant wait to see pictures! Have you had a Paini yet or a Crepe?! How about Tapas and Paella? Or Sangria!!!! Are you g
  • Kiersten Trillhaase: You can have this AND a Mastiff or Great Dane, but you cannot choose it over the other dogs- I will not let you. P.S. Love the post about skyping


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