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Posted on: July 30, 2013

This weekend was cold! I took the day off Friday to help set up for Tomapalooza. Turns out I didn’t do much setting up at all. I was moving slow in the morning and got over there around 1. I brought Lindsay’s gift, check it out!


She was pretty excited and said it would look good in her classroom. She finally got her first teaching job! Kit was still golfing with Paul so Lindsay and I got some snacks and drinks and then just waited for people to show up. People started getting there around 5. We just hung out in the yard for a while. Some people were grilling a few things, but mostly just getting set up. We set up the tents over by the evergreen trees.  Well, everyone else did. I watched. I’m not very outdoorsy.  We played beer pong in the barn when it got dark out. I was kicking everyone’s butts! I beat Lindsay and then I beat Kit 3 times in a row. He was not happy, but I had fun. There weren’t too many people there on Friday night, only 7 or 8 maybe. I think I went to bed around 1. I am happy to report that I did not sleep outside. It was pretty much a regular weekend for me and Kit.  We woke up early on Saturday. We drove someone home and then stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast.. my favorite! We got back to the house around 8 a.m and people were up getting ready. Monty made his breakfast burritos, but I did not eat one. I heard they were better than last year’s. Lindsay decided to jump in the pool to wake up. She was alone on that one since it was only about 65 degrees!  The rest of the day was pretty much just hanging out. Someone brought a slack line so we played around on that. Dave and Colin went to get more beer and set up a 10 foot slip n slide when they got back. They were the only ones who used it since it was so cold out. I tried venison that someone cooked. It was good! I made these strawberry peach vodka Popsicles, but we didn’t eat them. Lindsay made a bunch of jello shots. My old roommate from college, Victoria, came for a little while. It was great to see her! I was thankful to have her there while my parents were there too. My grandma came with also! My mom brought pasta salad and a pound cake. Both were big hits! Kit had a few friends from work come, but I think we were both expecting more people to show up. A lot of Dave and Lindsay’s friends from the festivals they’ve been going to came.  My grandma got the first ripe tomato from Kit’s garden! It was nice for my mom to meet Kit’s moms and my parents enjoyed seeing Lindsay and the pool and everything.  They stayed for about 3 hours. I mingled for a while after that, but my throat was really starting to hurt from losing my voice. I hung out by the fire for an hour or so after it got dark and went to bed around 11. Kit came in at 1 and Lindsay got some more blankets at 3. I had to leave around 10:30 the next day to get to the city for a Sassy City Chicks shopping event. All in all, it was a successful Tomapalooza, but it was really relaxed compared to previous years. Kit and Dave got 2nd place for wings and Kit’s dad won the rib competition.


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