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Why I Never Want to go Back to College

Posted on: November 13, 2013

I guess I still fall in the ‘recent grad’ category.. I just turned 25 and I have a full time job. Whatever. I went to SIU last weekend to visit my friend’s boyfriend. My boyfriend came along, who is older than me and not so much a recent grad as almost 30. Anyway, we wanted to go see what all the fuss was about because Lindsay has been having a blast when she goes down to visit. I went to college. I didn’t think it was all that fun. I thought it was hard. Now I know why.  We arrived on a Friday afternoon, Kit and I had to take PTO time for this.  We spent 5 hours in the car, got gas, snacks and alcohol and made our entrance. Dave lives in an apartment, which is basically a dorm room with a kitchen.  He has 4 roommates ranging in age from 21 to 28. Interesting because if you go straight to college from high school the usual age range is 18-22. I’ll take it since I am clearly over college age.  We put our stuff down and decided to have a drink on the couch with some friends who were over while Dave was in class. When Dave got back, we went to Fat Patty’s, a burger place. I ordered a grilled cheese. Mistake #1 of the weekend. Who orders grilled cheese at a burger place?! Not even ham on it. Anyway, we went back to the apartment after that and hung out with the roommates. Around 10, we decided to go to a bar to see a country artist play. I was sick and was feeling tired and whatnot but I didn’t want to be a Debbie downer on this college weekend so I went with and stayed until the warmup act was done. Kit and Dave walked me home and went back out. This was around 11:45 and I don’t care that I didn’t stay out til 1 partying. I felt fine the next day. Kit was in worse shape.  We went to McDonald’s for breakfast (again) and then went to Giant City to go hiking. I like hiking. That was super fun. There were caves and stuff to climb around and everything. After that, we went to the wine trail. As I mentioned, I wasn’t feeling well.  I started to get car sickness so I sat up front. We stopped at 4 wineries. All of which were unique. The first one was very open, had a big bar, and all the wines were apple based, except the dessert wines. The people talked about each one and how they made it. Fascinating. We bought 3 bottles from Pomona, I believe it was called. Next, we went to a cool place called Alto Vineyards. However, to get there, we drove in circles for a long time.  The inside was awesome and very modern. We tried sangria, blush wine, white wine, and red wine. They even had fudge that contained wine. Lindsay bought a bottle of the Heartland Blush with some cheese and crackers and we went upstairs to sit outside and enjoy the day.  I bought the same bottle to take home and some fudge. We also got to keep the wine glasses.  It was fun to sit on the deck and be sophisticated. Dave wanted peach wine from a place they had been to before called Hedman’s. The only memorable things about that place were the lady bug swarms and Dave’s back flips off a picnic table. Our last stop was called Kite Hill. They had slushie wine! So good!!! Kit was hurting at this point so we all chugged the slushies and got back in the car, but not without Kit grabbing a handful of grapes growing on the fence near where we parked. Lindsay had some memorable snapchats of the 2 of them in the back seat which I will not go into detail about. We got back to Dave’s apartment and Lindsay and I took a little nap. Apparently the boys went to the bike shop and Kit bought a bike. Don’t think he needed it, but whatever. We ordered Papa John’s for dinner. Kit took a nap around 6 and Dave, Lindsay, and I went to Alex’s house to hear him play some music because he had a gig that night at a bar as a DJ.  We came back around 9 or so. Kit was still sleeping. He did not want to come with us. We went to Hangar 9 to watch Alex spin. That place was awesome. Lindsay and I didn’t really drink. I think we were both feeling a little queasy from all the fast food we had been eating and the wine. On Sunday, we got up and hit the road around 10. We had McDonald’s for breakfast again. The person in line ahead of us bought our breakfast because it was the Marines’ birthday and he thought Kit was a marine because he was wearing a green shirt and had a shaved head. That was sweet, but kind of awkward when we both had to pull up and wait for our food.

In conclusion, I do not want to go back to college because there was way too much drinking going on. I went to the gym, did laundry, ran errands, did homework, etc on the weekend. I did not go out a ton, but I went out enough to have fun. If I didn’t go out, I had friends over to watch movies or do whatever. I went to my fair share of events and other things. I went to Starbucks. I showered. Maybe its because they were boys, but college was kind of gross and disappointing this past weekend. I don’t want to go back. If Kit and I do go back to visit, I would like to go hiking again and do the wine trail, but we are staying at a hotel.







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