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First Business Trip to Las Vegas

Posted on: November 18, 2013

I went on my first official business trip last week! I flew to Vegas on Wednesday and returned on Friday night.  We attended a large trade show for the natural products industry called Supply Side West. Here is a picture of me at the booth!


We got in late Wednesday night and went straight to our room, which just so happened to be a huge suite on the top floor of the Palazzo Hotel!  We had a super long dining room table, a piano, a huge bathroom, an incredible shower, an extra bathroom, a coat closet, robes, slippers, 3 huge windows. It was crazy!

20131118-103523.jpg 20131118-103543.jpg 20131118-103601.jpg

The show went smoothly. I am no stranger to standing at a booth, greeting people, and answering questions. We were sharing space with a few nice people from Australia! I really enjoyed talking to them.  At the end of the show, they gave us gifts! They brought boomerang key chains and little koala bears that say I ❤ Australia. On Thursday, Ashley and I went to Sushi Samba for lunch. It was awesome!


We got to go out on Thursday night after making appearances at a few cocktail parties. Ashley has a friend who lives there and works for Smith & Wollensky. He took us to all the hot spots! We went to Sushi Roku in Caesar’s Palace first. We had some kind of shrimp tempura that tasted like candy, a delicious strawberry drink, another spicy tuna roll, and some kind of asparagus wrapped in meat. Everything was sooo good! I loved the shrimp. You can see it in this picture! Also, they gave me chop stick trainers. So helpful! I wanted to take some home, but we forgot to ask for some more.


After that, we headed downstairs to the casino.  Stuart was very knowledgeable about when things were built and what was going in where and everything. It was cool to learn about all that stuff! We stopped at a bar called Numb and got a slushie type drink.. not as good as we were hoping, but that’s ok. We went to the Bellagio next. I was super excited to stop there because I enjoy watching the water! We went inside the hotel and sat outside on a deck and ordered wine to watch the show.  It was so fun! We stayed long enough to see the show 4 times and each time it was different. I loved it!

20131118-104214.jpg 20131118-104228.jpg

There was a ton of original Picasso artwork there as well. I had a blast.  We walked through that casino also and I wanted to play a Wizard of Oz game. Ashley and I both ended up losing $20. Oh well. They had a super cool atrium there too. There were blown glass flowers on the ceiling! In another section, there were 315 pound pumpkins and flowers! There was a talking tree and a bridge. It was fascinating!


blown glass flowers on the ceiling


Looking up through real flowers at the ones on the ceiling


the talking tree


all those pumpkins and flowers are real!

20131118-104236.jpg 20131118-104251.jpg

Stuart took us to The Cosmopolitan next. We were starting to get tired, but we went upstairs to see the giant chandelier and the restaurants and stuff in the hotel. I liked it, but not as much as I liked everything at the Bellagio.  We went back to the hotel and planned to go to bed after that, but I wasn’t done gambling! I had $20 left! I played Plinko for about $10, but switched to a fish game when I decided that I wasn’t going to win on Plinko. The silly ones with the bonus rounds are where the money is at! I put my remaining $10 in and the winning noises kept happening! We got to the bonus round and ended up winning back my entire $50 and making $1.60 in the process! Success! We ordered room service for breakfast on Friday and went to lunch at Public House when we got a break from the booth. Here is how we ended our stay:


I was very proud that I managed to make it there and back without throwing up on the plane! I had a great trip and really enjoyed everything that we did with Stuart! I was very glad Ashley was there to spend time with! All in all, it was a highly successful first business trip!


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