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Posted on: February 18, 2014

Good evening! Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I had a fun weekend! Kit and I went up to Milwaukee. We decided to take the trip because I wanted to go to a Yoga Class given by Yeah Dave. He wrote a really funny book called Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment and he teaches yoga and chocolate workshops and yoga and wine workshops. I recently started doing some more yoga and I like chocolate and wine and his book was hilarious so when I saw (through mildly stalking his emails) that he was going to be in Milwaukee, I jumped at the chance to go see him! Anyway, a girl from work came with and I dumped Kit at a bar while I went to go do yoga. It was a blast! Kit and I got up there on Friday night and checked into the hotel. We were staying at the Astor Hotel. It was really old and really cool! It reminded me of a bed and breakfast. My only complaint was that the room was really hot and I didn’t know how to control the radiator. Otherwise, super cool. We saw exactly 2 bars within walking distance of that hotel so we visited both of them on Friday night. We had dinner at County Clare, an Irish pub. We ordered a cheese plate, a bottle of wine, and the fish fry. Super good! There were people playing live music. Also awesome. Monica’s next door was a really fun place too. We enjoyed people watching and tried a blackberry beer. Don’t do it. It sounds better than it is. On Saturday, I got up to go to the yoga class which I mostly already described, but here is a picture of me and my coworker with Yeah Dave!


The chocolate he had us try was so good! It was from Vosages, which I used to live near when I lived in the city (of Chicago). I was always intimidated before because my roommate liked the dark chocolate and chili ones that were crazy and weird. We tried a sea salt caramel milk chocolate, normal, I know, and a dark chocolate that smelled like the beach. I kid you  not, it was coconut and pineapple. After that, I picked Kit up from the bar and we went to lunch. We tried to go to AJ Bomber’s, a burger place his new friends suggested, but it was packed so we walked down the street until we found something suitable. We ended up at Trinity. It was 3 Irish pubs in one! Super crazy. This is the most Irish I’ve been my whole life. Kit ordered a burger and I had an omelette, Trinity potatoes and a mimosa (pictured). I am sad to say that his was better than mine even though mine was delicious! His burger was THAT good.


After lunch, I took about a 3 hour nap. I was exhausted. We hung out in the room all day until around 6 when we went down to the lobby of the next hotel, the Pfister, for a drink. We love the Pfister. It is gorgeous. I had some kind of champagne cocktail and we chatted up the bartender who was also from Illinois. We had dinner reservations at 7 so we only stayed for 1 drink. Dinner was really, really good! We decided we were going to order and not look at price and go for what we wanted. Did we ever! The bottle of wine we ordered was more than both of our dinners. I had lobster tail and Kit had a really good steak. It was a nice meal and fun to treat ourselves. Post dinner, we headed up to Blu, a lounge on the top floor of the hotel. I had a fancy Godiva dessert cocktail and Kit enjoyed rum and coke. We really like it up there too. It has a great view of the city and the Summerfest grounds. There was a girl singing who was really good too. We had a great night and we didn’t even have to leave the hotel. On the way home, we stopped at the Mars Cheese Castle! It was my first time! It was fun picking out wine and cheese. Can’t wait to make a cheese plate with everything we bought.. if Kit doesn’t eat it all without me first. I had a super fun weekend! I love that parking is so much cheaper in Milwaukee. This weekend we are seeing Josh Thompson at Joe’s Bar. Just gotta get through the rest of the week first!


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