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Posted on: June 9, 2014

We left sorrento on Saturday morning and headed to Florence. We had a driver pick us up and take us back to the train station in Naples. His name was Pepe. He was so sweet! He pointed out lava rocks and Pompeii and other sights and villages as we passed them. We made it onto the train, butts in seats 10 minutes early! It was amazing! We didn’t have as much time to kill at the train station this time and just grabbed sandwiches quickly for lunch. They were OK, but needed to be warmed up more so the cheese would melt. We were on the train for about 3 hours. It was going 297 km per hour at one point which is 185 mph! My mom had heard that the bathroom was just a hole in the ground that goes out to the tracks or the ground so I decided to check it out. It was basically a regular airplane bathroom! So silly. When we got to our hotel in Florence and got settled we set out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We were a bit sick of pizza and pasta. We split burgers and spinach and artichoke dip. It was delicious! Jen and I decided to go out after we took the moms back to the hotel. We had seen an Irish bar while we were out walking around so we went there. The drinks were super cheap! We chatted up one of the bar tenders and he gave us a shot of something that tasted like black licorice, sambuca? It was alright. We also had a lemon drop which was straight vodka with a flaming lemon on top! I wanted to play beer pong so we did that too. It was a fun night, but I was in bad shape the next morning! I came down to breakfast late and didn’t want to go out exploring so I went to the room to nap instead. My mom and I went across the street for pasta for lunch and I didn’t think I was going to keep it down. We just laid low until around 4 when I finally started to feel better. We headed out for gelato and found an adorable little cafe with cones for only 1 euro! I had a wild berry flavor. It was good. We hung out there until around 6 when we headed out to church. We all decided to go even though it was Aunty donna’s idea. A monk came over and told Jen and me that we had to wear shawls over our shoulders in the church since we had sun dresses on. When we went to receive communion, we had to wear one on our legs too! Church was a great experience. We didn’t understand a word of it, but it was really nice to see that it was about God and praying and not about how big and pretty the church is which is what it’s like in America. It was a beautiful church too. I felt reconnected with my faith after that. I lit candles for grandma Patt and grandpa while we were there too. Dana had asked us to do that. We went back to the same place mom and I had lunch at for dinner. We ordered bruschetta, tortellini with spinach and ricotta and gnocchi in a meat sauce. Everything was sooo good!!! The only bummer was that there was an 8 euro tax on the bill that we hadn’t seen before at other places. Here’s some pics from dinner:



Today was our wine tasting day. It took so long to get to the vineyard. The drive was beautiful but very windy and hilly. I felt sick when we finally pulled in. We tried 4 different red wines. I liked the reserve bottle. It was all very good. We also tried Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum! After our tasting, we got to look around in the cellar and learn more about the wine making process. I really liked seeing that part. I didn’t know it took a few years to make wine! Next we went to lunch. It was so beautiful. We sat overlooking another vineyard. We had wine again and cheese, a ham plate and some fruit for an appetizer. Our first course was ravioli in a white sauce. It was delicious! I really liked it. We also had some kind of meat and potatoes. I didn’t really care for the meat but the potatoes were good. Lunch was really fun and so scenic! Here are some pics from lunch:





We headed back into Florence for some more sight seeing after that. We stopped in a square that had a copy of the David. The views of Florence were incredible from there! The David was cool, but definitely not the best part of the day. We bought a few more things at the stands there and continued on to the duomo. That was amazing! The lines were long so we didn’t go in, but it was huge and beautiful from the outside! Our driver told us it took 200 years to complete! We went back to the hotel after that. I decided to go back to ponte vecchio because it was closed the first time we saw it. It was neat to see all the jewelry shops open. I found a store I absolutely loved on my walk back. It had journals and hand painted picture frames, stationary, pens etc. I loved everything! I bought myself a frame and a bracelet. We went back to the same cafe as yesterday for dinner. We shared pizza and salad and got gelato again. We went back to the hotel early to pack and get ready to go home tomorrow. Here are more pics from today.





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